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Manage Your Team
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Why It Works

Unlocking Your Employee’s Potential

BHMT’s tools, resources, and dedicated support team are here to help! Create a career development plan that empowers your employees by giving them short-term skills that allow them to excel in their role today, as well as take on more responsibility in the future.


Reach out to your Outreach Specialist to learn how you can incorporate BHMTs programs and services as part of the career development strategy for your team, while keeping your department’s education costs in check.


Career Development Solutions for Your Team’s Career Path


Onboarding Benefits

The onboarding process makes up a large piece of your new employee’s first impression of your management style. Having a clear commitment to continuous learning and development culture sets the expectations of a highly trained workforce, and a standard for your new employees to aspire to.
» Start Your Staff Off Right


Top Office Skills

Creating a work environment that focuses on skill enhancement assures that your staff can excel in their roles, while remaining productive and efficient in the workplace.
» Get Your Team Up to Speed


Interpersonal Skills Development

Keep your department thriving with competencies like time management, communication, and collaboration. These are important components of a resilient team—one that can pivot as needed to respond to challenges in the workplace and changing trends.
» Consider Customizing a Course Pack for Your Team


Keep Your Employees Engaged/CEUs Benefits Everyone

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) help your team stay up-to-date on the latest information in their fields. These opportunities can bring knowledge back to your department, including innovative changes and process improvements.
» Explore Our Extensive No-Cost CEUs


Maintaining a Highly Skilled Workforce

Employee growth and development is essential when it comes to your team’s performance. Continuing their education ensures that your team has the skills they need to navigate through complex challenges and take advantage of future opportunities.
» Learn About Our Undergraduate & Graduate Programs


Contact your Outreach Specialist to explore these opportunities for your department.

Want to Learn More About Programs and Services for Your Team?

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We offer a full range of certificate and degree programs, CEU courses, and career development services for your BHMT-eligible employees. Download this flyer to share with your team.