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Team Training

Group Learning Experiences Boosts Productivity

The key to creating an engaging employee training experience is to focus on the growth opportunities they offer can your team. The intention of Team Training is to strengthen skills, empower employees to advance, and encourage cross-training, so you have full coverage when someone is out. Team Training builds your employees’ confidence by providing a stronger understanding of how to excel in their job, and prepares them for positions of greater responsibility.


Quickly Increase the Collective Team’s Knowledge

Your Outreach Specialist can help you create single-day training sessions around relevant subjects and applications — such as an advanced course in a software program employees use daily — that can have an immediate effect on your department’s productivity.


Customize Course Packs for Your Staff

Your Outreach Specialist can work with you to create easy-to-access online Course Packs customized to help your employees expand their skill sets to maximize their effectivity. Self-paced course sets like the Emotional Intelligence Course Pack, can be completed quickly, building your team’s knowledge base and delivering results that can be put into practice right away.


Team Building That Works
Team building creates bonds among your staff, as they learn about their differences and their shared common goals and expectations.


BHMT Career Counselors can lead your department through our engaging, game-based, Career Resilience Quest as a group. The process builds trust, teaches your staff how to mitigate conflict, encourages open communication, and increases collaboration.


Regional Training for Long-term Results

BHMT, in coordination with KP and Workforce Development, can customize workshops, or longer high-intensity training programs, so your employees can gain knowledge and skills around a specific topic. Your Outreach Specialist has examples of Regional Training Programs (RTPs) that have had great success, and can assist you in organizing on-site or online training strategies that benefit your team. Learn More

When BHMT considers additional team trainings, which would be most helpful?

MS Excel
Basic Computer
Emotional Intelligence