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Individual Stipend Program for Your Team

Individual Stipend Program for Your Team

By supporting your staff’s educational goals, you are motivating your team to excel, while preparing them for future growth. The Individual Stipend Program (ISP) is designed to be as flexible as you need it, and helps your eligible employees earn degrees and certifications while keeping your bottom-line in mind.


Support Your Team’s Educational Journey

ISP is a great way for you to have an active role in helping your employees attain their career development goals. It also aligns with KP’s mission to ensure that its workforce is educated, highly skilled, and highly trained.


With your approval, BHMT will provide your eligible employees a wage replacement stipend from 1- up to 16-hours per pay period to study and/or attend classes. You also have control of when employees can use these hours, so it won’t impact your staffing coverage.


Strategies for Using ISP to Your Advantage


    1. Keep an Open Line of Communication
      Open communication helps build trust between you and your employees. Have a conversation up front with them to understand their educational plan and goals. That way, you can work together and identify how many stipend hours you can afford to grant your team each pay period.
    2. Avoid Scheduling Conflicts
      With the flexibility to define the days an eligible employee can use their ISP wage replacement; your team’s ISP schedule can remain fluid to allow you to account for any staffing needs. Work with your employee to determine what works best for you.
    3. Utilize a Waitlist
      Consider setting up a waitlist, so when one employee is done using ISP, the next one can participate. Also, have check-ins with your eligible employees at the end of each course, so you can keep track of when their need for ISP will be over.


Sign Into the BHMT Manager Portal to Stay Up-to-date

  • See which of your employees is currently participating in ISP
  • Verify eligible staff for BHMT benefits
  • Learn more about team building opportunities

Get the 411 on ISP with
the Individual Stipend Q&A


ISP Eligibility Requirements

  • Employees must be a part of the KP Union Alliance or a Coalition Employee with “active” KP employment status.
  • Employees must have completed their probationary period.
  • Employees must be benefited (typically working 20 or more hours per week).
  • Interns working at KP for the sole purpose of attaining experience hours to apply towards their academic program are not eligible for the ISP (e.g., Pharmacist Interns).
  • Employees must have your approval to reduce time from their regularly scheduled hours as indicated in HRconnect.
  • Employees must be currently enrolled or accepted in an accredited program to participate in ISP.
  • The academic institution an employee attends must be accredited by the relevant accrediting body.
  • Training program must assist individuals to maintain employment or obtain a new position within KP.
  • Employees must coordinate this benefit with other education leave that is available to them through KP.