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Individual Stipend Program for Your Team

What is ISP?

The BHMT Individual Stipend Program (ISP) is an education benefit for your eligible staff who are interested in participating in Certificate or Degree programs that are recognized by professional licensing organizations and accredited schools.


With your approval, BHMT will provide your eligible employees a wage replacement stipend from 1- up to 16-hours per pay period to study and/or attend classes.


Support Your Team’s Educational Journey

ISP is a great way for you to have an active role in helping your employees attain their career development goals. It also aligns with KP’s mission to ensure that its workforce is educated, highly skilled, and highly trained.


How Does it Work?

This program is designed to be flexible allowing you and your employees to work together to balance your department’s needs with your staff’s career growth.

  • Employees must first get your approval to participate in the program.
  • With your approval, they can submit their ISP application. (You will be notified if BHMT accepts your employee into the program.)
  • Employees must get your approval in advance each pay period to use wage-replacement.


Sign Into the BHMT Manager Portal to Stay Up-to-date

  • See which of your employees is currently participating in ISP
  • Verify eligible staff for BHMT benefits
  • Learn more about team building opportunities


Get the 411 on ISP with the Individual Stipend Q&A

It’s not enough to lead, we must inspire. As managers, we must recognize the potential in our staff. This brings energy to the employees.”

— KP Director


Many managers don’t understand that BHMT’s ISP pays for wage replacement, so it does not impact your department’s budget.”

— KP MOB Administrator