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Regional Training Programs (RTPs)

Customized Training Programs Delivered in Your Region

Regional Training Programs (RTPs) are a great way to drive group learning experiences at your local level. BHMT funds RTPs to provide customized focused training programs around a specific topic or area of study at no-cost to your department.


What Types of Training do RTPs Provide?

You can work with your Outreach Specialist to customize a Regional Training Program for your team in the following areas:

  • Career Preparation Services
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Skills
  • Second Languages
  • Computer/Technology Training
  • Nurse Education/Skill Enhancement
  • Professional/Technical Education


RTPs also provide support for redeployment assistance programs that enhance and support the Employment & Income Security Agreement.


Need a Little Inspiration?

The RTP Directory was created so you can learn about the different types of training programs BHMT has funded, and to see if there is an existing (or previous) program that’s a good fit for your team’s needs. Set up an appointment with your Outreach Specialist to learn more about setting up an RTP in your region.