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Your Partners in Building Tomorrow’s Workforce

BHMT Outreach Specialists are your go-to team, equipped with an evolving toolkit of career development resources and techniques to help you prepare your staff for career growth. We are here to collaborate with you to develop actionable solutions for career development and team training to drive short-term team productivity, and plan long-term talent development that your employees need to thrive.


Career Development Strategies for You and Your Team


Identifying and Developing Soft Skills

Elevating soft skills increases the productivity of your entire team. We can help you identify soft skill Course Packs to develop time management, active listening, and communication skills.


Implement Team Training Programs

Team Training promotes employee growth and team collaboration. We can help you bring Microsoft training days, customized Course Packs, and focused group learning experiences to your staff.


Continue to Look for Developmental Opportunities

There is always room for improvement, even for employees that excel. Let us help you plan strategies for employees to utilize our Individual Stipend Program (ISP) successfully.

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