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Develop Your Team’s Written Communication Skills


Clear and concise communication ensures consistent employee engagement, especially when many of us are learning how to work outside of the office environment. Helping your staff improve their communication skills will boost their confidence and make your department more efficient.


In Colorado Technical University’s two course writing program your team will learn more than basic writing skills. They will also discover the importance of attention to detail, explore research and fact finding techniques, and learn about how to curate statistics—all skills that will elevate productivity in your department at no-cost to you!


ENGL104 Introductory Written Communication  »

The first course in a sequence of two classes is designed to equip students with the writing skills necessary for success in professional and personal situations that require formal and informal writing styles.


Note: This course will prepare your employees for the professional written communications course.


ENGL105 Professional Written Communications »

The second written communications course builds on the writing skills developed in introductory course. In this workshop-oriented course, students continue to develop the writing skills necessary for academic and professional success.


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