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Manage Your Team
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Increase Your Team’s Productivity


Working smarter allows your team to find ways to use their time more efficiently, so they can complete tasks more quickly. Share these no-cost skill building courses with your team to help them be more effective and motivate them to take on new challenges.


Building Typing Skills

Whether your staff works in an office or not, being able to type quickly and accurately is a valuable skill. Improve their typing skills with the online tutor using a computer or mobile phone.

» Increase Their Typing Speed and Accuracy


Improving Math Skills

Gaining basic math skills helps your team analyze and solve problems, learn how to approach tasks methodically, pay attention to detail, and think abstractly.

» Math Skills to Boost Productivity


Microsoft Office Specialists

Make your team more productive by becoming certified Microsoft Office Specialists (MOS). Learn how they can get the training they need to become a specialist in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

» Get Them Certified