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The Work Life Balancing Act


Companies have long known that programs promoting work/life balance boost productivity, reduce turnover, and improve employees’ mental and physical health.


Support your team’s self-improvement with these no-cost courses they can complete in less than an hour.


Optimizing Your Workplace Well-being »

Duration: 22 minutes


In this course, your staff will learn to identify the elements of well-being at work and understand how common work and home factors can cause wellness to go out of balance. They’ll also learn how to recognize signs of stress in themselves and in others, and what strategies help build resilience and promote wellness in all of life’s dimensions: at work and at home; in mind, body, and human connections.


Staying Balanced in a Shifting World »

Duration: 15 minutes


This course will focus on techniques for maintaining work-life balance. It includes recognizing the behaviors of passiveness, aggressiveness, and assertiveness and how those affect a person’s ability to find balance in life. Techniques that can be used to achieve and preserve balance are also discussed.


Taking Stock of Your Work Life Balance »

Duration: 22 minutes


This course highlights techniques employees can use to analyze their current level of balance between work and life responsibilities. It covers ways to assess their current work life balance and overcome internal and external obstacles to achieving balance. Only through properly understanding where they are, in relation to where they want to be, can they begin to construct a map that will take them to their objective of a balanced, fulfilled life.