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RTP Success: Advanced Telehealth Training


Virtual care is the future. RTP #482: Behavioral Health Telehealth Training was a pilot program customized for the Colorado Region to test the effectiveness of training to facilitate virtual care.


Recently completed, the training program was very successful. By partnering with BHMT and Workforce of the Future Implementation Specialists, the RTP tuition and related costs were 100% covered.


This program also provided:

    • Access to the online class and materials for 6-months
    • Enhanced virtual care skills
    • Improved clinical practice, patient, and job satisfaction
    • A certificate for students who completed the training


Need a little inspiration? Browse through our RTP directory to explore the types of training programs BHMT has funded to see if there is an RTP program that can be customized for your team’s needs.

How to Get an RTP Started

      1. Identify your team’s training needs.
      2. Contact your Outreach Specialist to submit your RTP application.
      3. Upon approval, work with your Regional Project Manager to facilitate the training logistics.