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Manage Your Team
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Maximize Your Team’s Effectiveness


With basic computer applications training at no-cost to your department, you can customize online training for your team in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, delivered by Microsoft Certified Trainers.


This flexibility allows your employees to advance their skills in an efficient way, gain real-world skills, and create a solid foundation to build their computer knowledge.


Use Excel to Excel in the Workplace

Microsoft Excel is essential in the workplace, and can help your staff streamline their day-to-day work as they prepare for the work of the future.




Learn Word Work for You

With three levels of Word courses available, anyone on your staff regardless of their experience level can learn how to create business documents, reports, budgets, proposals, and more.



Use PowerPoint Like a Pro

From trainings to reports and financials, Microsoft PowerPoint is a great way to streamline your team’s communication efforts and take their presentations to the next level.



To discover more about the Basic Computing opportunities available and ensure your team has the right skills for successful digital transformation, contact your Outreach Specialist.

Where does your team stack up?

Your Outreach Specialist can set up a free assessment that lets you find out the level of your staff’s computer knowledge, so you can build a customized training plan to quickly advance their technical expertise.