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Manage Your Team
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Team Collaboration 101

Every member of your staff has different skills, expertise, and talent. When they collaborate, everyone benefits from the combined experience, knowledge, and skills.


Share these no-cost, self-paced courses with your team and get the collaborative process started.



Becoming a Successful Collaborator – duration 29 minutes


In this course you’ll learn about the meaning of collaboration, the concept of teaming in collaboration, and best practices for being a good team member and for being a successful collaborator. You’ll examine conflict management styles to determine which one is yours, and the impact on your team.


Building Rapport Through Strong Collaboration – duration 23 minutes


In this course, you’ll learn to identify the strong interpersonal skills that help in successful collaboration. You’ll also learn to identify ground rules and boundaries that will help you keep difficult conversations on track, effective strategies to defuse conflict before it goes out of control, and methods to help you create win-win situations in interpersonal conflicts.


Cultivating Cross-functional Team Collaboration – duration 26 minutes


This course explores how to establish and cultivate true cross-functional team collaboration. In it, you’ll learn about the characteristics and key benefits of effective cross-functional team collaboration.


Exploring Virtual Collaboration – duration 26 minutes


In this course, you’ll learn the benefits of virtual collaboration when working with others. You’ll also learn how to avoid common mistakes when rolling out virtual collaboration. And you’ll explore the key steps for leading and being part of a virtual team.


Optimizing Virtual Collaboration – duration 21 minutes


In this course you will explore the benefits of virtual collaboration and how it fits in to the current business environment. You’ll learn about various collaboration technologies and how best to use them. You’ll also learn to address challenges that may arise with making virtual collaboration key part of your organization.