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Manage Your Team
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Training in Small Bites Can Have a Big Impact


Microlearning is learning content is delivered in small units, or bite-size ‘nuggets,’ that teach a specific skill or concept. Here are just a few of the most popular courses you can share with your employees:


New Project Manager Essentials

Duration: 21-minutes


In this course, employees learn some of the foundational concepts, such as what a project and its project environment and scope are. They’ll learn what they will be responsible for, and things they need to understand before planning begins. Employees will also learn where to go to access useful information and how to identify the different types of people who will have an interest in the project its stakeholders.


Communicating Effectively with Customers

Duration: 30-minutes


Effective communication is essential to the success of any customer-oriented business. Each customer will have their own style of communication as well as an emotional response to contacting a support center. In order to communicate effectively, the customer service representative (CSR) must understand how to adapt to these different styles and emotions before the customer’s problems can be dealt with.


Encouraging Team Communication and Collaboration

Duration: 30-minutes


Establishing a successful team involves ensuring that team members can communicate with you and with one another and that they will work as a team rather than as individuals. Clear channels of communication are required for both on-site and virtual teams.