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Skills That Can Make Your Team Love Mondays


Starting their week off with organizational skills allows your staff to build on their success as they prepare to take on the new week.


Here are 3 Skillsoft courses that can kickstart their week and build productivity for the whole team:


Becoming a Successful Collaborator  »


Collaboration leads to improved problem-solving and increased productivity. In this course, your employees will learn best practices for being a good team member and a successful collaborator.


Organize Your Physical and Digital Workspace  »


Getting organized can significantly improve the workday. In this course, your staff will learn how to organize and maintain both their physical and digital workspace, making them much more efficient.


Taking Effective and Professional Notes  »


Becoming a skilled note-taker can help your employees become more productive. This course covers specific techniques and strategies for taking effective notes that can improve their ability to recall important information.


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