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Make the Most Out of ISP


ISP is designed to be as flexible as you need it—ensuring your staffing resources are covered, while empowering your team to bring knowledge and practical experience back to your department by earning a degree or certification.


We understand that each department has different staffing needs. That’s why ISP is structured so you control how many wage replacement hours per pay period employees can use to attend classes, and how many employees can participate at one time.


Answers to the Top 3 ISP Questions


Q. Who can participate in ISP?
A. To participate, employees must be Alliance or Coalition union members, be full- or part-time and normally scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week, and completed their probationary period.


Q. Who’s eligible on my team?
A. Visit the Manager Portal and click on BHMT Eligible Employees bar to see if your employees are eligible to participate.


Q. How do I approve my employee’s participation?
A. Employees need your approval before they can begin the ISP application process. It is easy to do. Just visit the Manager Portal and click the ISP Applications bar.

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