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Manage Your Team
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A Solution-Based Approach to Productivity


Empower your team with the knowledge and expertise they need to become more efficient. With New Horizon’s Microsoft training programs, your staff can develop up-to-date skills that align with what’s in-demand, maximizing their effectiveness.


You can customize online or onsite instructor-led trainings for your team in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, delivered by Microsoft Certified Trainers.

Excel in the Workplace

Microsoft Excel is essential in the workplace, and can help your staff streamline their day-to-day work as they prepare for the work of the future.




Let Word Work for You

With three levels of Word courses available, anyone on your staff regardless of their experience level can learn how to create business documents, reports, budgets, proposals, and more.



Use PowerPoint Like a Pro

From trainings to reports and financials, Microsoft PowerPoint is a great way to streamline your team’s communication efforts and take their presentations to the next level.



Contact your Outreach Specialist to discover how to align your team’s training with your department’s learning goals.

I hired staff from several different locations and departments within the Kaiser organization, but many of them were not virtual or technically savvy, and so, I spent several weeks getting them up to par so that they could even go home and work virtual. The staff, they need PowerPoint. They need Microsoft Office. They need Word. They need Excel. They need all these things.


I didn’t realize that BHMT had all that, and I had been through BHMT myself. So, when I saw the information, I was like, ‘Oh, my…this is a goldmine!’ And it needs to be utilized more, even on our individual teams.


— Joy Nails, Manager