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Manage Your Team
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Make the Most Out of ISP


ISP is designed to be as flexible as you need it—ensuring your staffing resources are covered, while empowering your team to bring knowledge and practical experience back to your department by earning a degree or certification.


Supporting your staff’s educational goals motivates your top performers to excel and prepares them for the future. All with no impact to your department’s budget. We understand that each department has different staffing needs. That’s why ISP is structured so you control how many wage replacement hours per pay period employees can use to attend classes, and how many employees can participate in the program at one time.


Having a conversation up front with your employee(s) so you understand their educational and career goals is important, and we can help! Your Outreach Specialist can help you develop a customized career development strategy to help your staff gain skills and advance.


Answers to the Top 3 ISP Questions


Q. Why is ISP important?
A. The goal of the Individual Stipend Program is to provide your employees with class and/or study time to assist them in attaining their career goals and increase their skill and education levels.



Q. Who can participate in ISP?
A. To participate in any BHMT program, your employees must be benefited (full- or part-time and normally scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week) and have completed their probationary period. Visit the Manager Portal to see if your employees are eligible to participate.


Q. How do my employees apply?
A. Employees need your approval before they can begin the ISP application process. The next step is to create their education plan with their BHMT Career Counselor and Academic Success Coach. Then complete their ISP application and upload the required documents.


See Who’s Eligible on Your Team.