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Manage Your Team
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Inspire Independent Thinking

It is important to help your team build skills to become independent thinkers that foster a culture of diverse perspectives and recognizes and rewards independent thinking. Share these on-demand courses with your team.


How To Get Things Done Ahead of Deadlines – duration 1 hour


In this course, creativity and productivity expert Samantha Bennett will demystify how deadline masters operate. She discusses the psychology of deadlines, methods your staff can use to set a project or target for success, and how to create timelines that work.


How To Be More Strategic in 6 Steps – duration 23 minutes


Being strategic means seeing the bigger picture, learning the reasons behind certain processes and tasks, and working smart. In this audio-only course, employees will learn the why and the how behind being more strategic at work, the six factors to focus on for strategic leadership, and pro tips for strategic communication.


Asserting Yourself an Empowered Choice – duration 30 minutes


This course will help your team develop a mindset for success by showing them how to improve their self-confidence and mentally prepare them to thrive under pressure. After this course, they’ll have a wider skillset for success so they can refocus, refresh, and avoid the procrastination that often comes with increased responsibilities and stress.


How Do They Register?

If your team hasn’t taken LinkedIn Learning courses through BHMT:


PLEASE NOTE: You must have a LinkedIn profile before you can activate your LinkedIn Learning license. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, click here for instructions to create one.


    1. Visit LinkedIn Learning page on
    2. Click the Register button.
    3. Read and accept the student agreement.
    4. Enter your NUID and click OK.
    5. Select your preferred email or enter a new email address and click OK.
    6. Check your email inbox for the “BHMT Invitation: LinkedIn Learning” message and open it. To start the log in process, click the “Activate your account” button in the email.
    7. Log in using your LinkedIn profile username and password.
    8. Enter the course name into search box to find the course.
      • How To Get Things Done Ahead of Deadlines
      • How To Be More Strategic in 6 Steps
      • Asserting Yourself, an Empowered Choice

If your team has registered for LinkedIn Learning courses through BHMT: