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Manage Your Team
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Minimize Confusion and Increase Efficiency

Share these self-paced, no-cost courses with your team to bring a higher level of project management skills into your department.


Project Management Introduction »

Duration: 63 minutes


This course covers key project management concepts and terms and provides information about the variables that can influence project outcomes.



Project Management Fundamentals »

Duration: 150 minutes


This course will enable individuals who are not professional project managers to learn the fundamentals of project management so they will be able to manage projects related to their area of responsibility within the organization.



New Project Manager Essentials »

Duration: 21 minutes


Project management involves a lot of moving parts. In this course, your staff will learn foundational concepts, such as what a project and its project environment and scope are. They’ll also learn what they’re responsible for, and things they’ll need to understand before planning begins.