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Take Their Skills to the Next Level


Microsoft Excel is one of the most important computer programs used today, and is a skill listed on many IDPs. Skillsoft offers courses in Excel that can ensure your employees have the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.


In a recent survey, most KP managers felt their employees were able to apply what they learned through Skillsoft courses directly to their current jobs, improving their productivity. The managers also said they would recommend Skillsoft as valuable IDP resources to other managers.


Here are a few Microsoft Excel Essentials courses you can recommend to your team at no-cost to your department:


Building Great Charts 57 Minutes

Your team can learn how to use tables, charts, and images in Excel 2016, creating attractive and well-organized representations of data effectively.


Improving Administrative Functions64 Minutes

Excel is a vital tool for speeding up productivity and allowing employees to be more efficient when dealing with large amounts of data and calculations.


Organizing Data Better 54 Minutes

Making your data look good is easy in Microsoft Excel 2016. Your employees will learn how to create custom formatting and styles, and copy formatting from cell to cell, as well as how to position the data.

Staff thought the courses were simple and straightforward, short enough and engaging enough without feeling too much like a test or task. — KP Manager