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Manage Your Team
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Take Advantage of Q3 to Prepare for an Outstanding Q4


Setting departmental goals for the year is a great way to map out big-picture targets and wins for the year. For goals to be meaningful and effective in motivating your employees, they must also be tied to larger organizational ambitions.


Effective goal alignment sets the tone for the future of the organization. When employees understand how their work contributes to the bigger picture, they will be more engaged and motivated to perform.


Goal setting is particularly important for providing ongoing and year-end feedback. By establishing and monitoring targets, you can give your employees real-time input while motivating them to achieve more.


Continued professional education is a good example. CEs are a valuable component of your team’s expertise and proficiency. It is also a requirement for retaining professional certifications and licenses.


Contact your Outreach Specialist to map out the skills and any certifications your team needs to meet your department goals for the rest of the year.