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Create Greater Efficiency & Heighten Productivity


Excel is an excellent tool for speeding up efficiency, allowing your team to be more productive by streamlining their day-to-day work. The more skilled your team is, the quicker tasks and projects get done, so you can provide better customer service.

You can customize online or onsite instructor-led trainings to best suit your teams current Excel experience, all delivered by Microsoft Certified Trainers. There are three levels of training available:


PART 1: Getting Started with Excel

Duration: 8-hours

This course is intended to provide your staff with the foundational Microsoft Office Excel 2019 skills necessary to create and work with spreadsheets.


PART 2: Working with Excel

Duration: 8-hours

This course is designed for your employees who already have basic Excel 2019 skills but would benefit from using Excel’s higher-level functionality to analyze and present data.


PART 3: Advanced Excel Training

Duration: 8-hours

This course is intended for your experienced Excel 2019 team members to take your data to the next level by learning to use more advanced Excel features like pivot tables and conditional formatting.


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