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Technology is Evolving. Make Skill Building a Priority.

In the workplace of the future, it will be essential that your employees can navigate the digital world. These Microsoft Office courses can upgrade your staff’s capabilities whether they need the fundamentals or are ready for more advance training.



Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is indispensable in the workplace and can help your employees be more efficient and effective. From simple sums and equations to pivot tables and complex analysis, New Horizons offers Excel classes for beginners to advanced users.



Microsoft Word

Using Microsoft Word your team can create documents, reports, budgets, proposals, and more with confidence. Microsoft Word’s technology enables them to create, edit and format documents, organize content, and assess data.



Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint skills will take your department’s presentations to the next level. Your employees can learn the basics, or up their skills by learning how to create custom slides with advanced transitions and animations.



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