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Manage Your Team
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Motivation Sparks Engagement

Increasing employee productivity in the workplace can be challenging. These courses available to you through KP Learn, will help you develop strategies that can increase engagement, motivate your team, and inspire them to put 100% into everything they do.


Positive Atmosphere: Establishing an Engaged Workforce »

Duration: 23-minutes


An engaged workforce creates a positive work environment that boosts productivity, encourages creativity, and helps you retain talented employees. In this course, you’ll learn to recognize common qualities of engaged employees, understand what drives employee motivation, and recognize commitment challenges. You’ll also learn how employee engagement links to the bottom line by reducing turnover.


Taking the Lead with Workplace Motivation and Engagement »

Duration: 20-minutes


The best leaders are masters in workplace motivation and engagement. In this course, you will learn the characteristics of motivation and engagement, as well as techniques for optimizing both. You will also learn techniques for motivating and engaging yourself and others, in both onsite and remote situations.


Planning for Performance »

Duration: 60-minutes


Do you know if your team’s goals are consistently being met? Or if the individuals in your team are performing at their peak? Using a performance management system is vital to help ensure that the performance of individuals and teams produces the desired outcomes for organizational success. This course outlines the five phases of a performance management system, shows you how to recognize critical success factors and develop key performance indicators based on these factors.