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Manage Your Team
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Develop Their Decision-Making Skills


There are many choices your team must make every day. Finding ways to improve their decision-making skills enhances productivity and can improve overall job satisfaction.


Share these no-cost critical skills courses with your team!


Choosing and Using the Best Solution »

Duration: 25-minutes


In this course, your employees will learn how to make smart decisions based on key criteria and decision-making styles. They’ll also learn how to plan, manage, evaluate, and celebrate solution implementation.


Decision Making: Making Tough Decisions »

Duration: 60-minutes


This course reviews a number of decision-making challenges and introduces strategies for dealing effectively with uncertainty, making informed trade-offs using a systematic process, and placing appropriate trust in intuition when making difficult decisions.


Developing Character for Decisiveness »

Duration: 60-minutes


This course examines steps in the decision-making process, followed by an introduction to the character traits that will help employees build confidence and make better decisions. The course also examines what to do after a decision has been made: putting their work into action.