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Help Your Team Develop Critical Thinking Skills


Critical thinking is a key skill in the workplace, helping employees solve problems and build strategies that make them better at their jobs. Share these on-demand, self-paced courses with your team.


Thinking Critically: Coming to Terms with Assumptions »

Duration: 26 minutes

This course defines what assumptions are, describes how different kinds of assumptions may be appropriately challenged, and covers the importance of seeking out the perspectives of others as a check on your own assumptions.


Thinking Critically: Drawing Conclusions with Confidence »

Duration: 32 minutes

This course analyzes the process of drawing a conclusion into its logical components, and how to use of questions and diagramming tools to assist in the process.


Thinking Critically: Getting Your Arms Around Arguments »

Duration: 31 minutes

This course teaches how to identify arguments, recognize persuasion techniques, explore arguments for accuracy and logic, and the ability to create effective arguments.