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Critical Thinking Skills Promote Problem Solving


Critical thinking is a key skill in the workplace. Developing these skills helps your employees solve problems and build strategies that make them better at their jobs. Give them an hour to bring critical thinking skills to your department.


Share these no-cost critical skills courses with your team!


Critical Thinking: Challenging Assumptions »

Duration: 23-minutes


In this course, your team will learn how assumptions manifest and what power they have on decision making and innovation. They will also learn practices to redirect automatic assumption-based thinking into critical thinking as well as questioning techniques to identify assumptions so you they mitigate their impact.


Critical Thinking: Investigating Arguments »

Duration: 22-minutes


In this course, employees learn how to use arguments in the right situations and explore what makes up an effective argument. They’ll also learn to recognize the common types of logical fallacies that can derail an argument, and how to employ reasoning skills against arguments that use tactics of manipulation.


Critical Thinking: Drawing Sound Conclusions »

Duration: 21-minutes


In this course, your staff will learn how to gather and assess the evidence they need to reach a sound conclusion, and what visual tools can help them understand the evidence more clearly.