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Manage Your Team
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Championing Workforce Efficiency


Developing strong productivity skills makes your department more efficient and can lead to personal and professional growth for your staff. Share these short, on-demand courses with your team.


Maximize Your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks »

Duration: 21-minutes


In this course, your employees will learn about managing tasks in a way that maximizes their productivity. They’ll discover the benefits of setting goals and how productivity is tied to their ability to assess time and set priorities. They’ll learn about the process of chunking their time and the principles of efficient scheduling.


Delivering Project Benefits and Value (2021 Update) »

Duration: 61-minutes


In this course, your employees will learn about the concepts of intangible value, including engaging stakeholders, and ensuring project deliverables are perceived to be valuable and useful. They’ll also learn techniques for prioritizing requirements, gathering feedback, reducing inefficiency and waste, and increasing throughput.