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Manage Your Team
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The Importance of Teamwork


Research shows that teams that work well together get more done. Being able to form bonds with peers in the department and across the organization are important skills your staff needs to build a strong team.


Share these online courses with your team to enhance their communication and collaboration skills. And the beauty is they can complete any of them in less than an hour, and at no cost to your department.


Communication and Collaboration Skills Building Courses


Being an Effective Team Member 

Duration: 30-minutes


Your team will learn strategies and techniques to help them become a more effective and valued team members. In this course, they’ll explore ways to adopt a positive mindset toward teamwork, so they can make a significant contribution. Because success when working on a team depends on pulling together with other people, they’ll also learn constructive ways to acknowledge differences and show respect for teams, and specific strategies for team collaboration.


Contributing as a Virtual Team Member

Duration: 23-minutes


Organizations often opt to create virtual teams in place of on-site teams. This allows employees to work from home or a remote location. In this course, your staff will learn how to develop the skills they need to effective members of a virtual team.


Encouraging Team Communication and Collaboration

Duration: 30-minutes


Establishing a successful team involves ensuring that team members can communicate with one another and that they will work as a team rather than as individuals. Clear channels of communication are required for both on-site and virtual teams. In this course, employees will learn techniques for encouraging effective communication and overcoming communication problems. They’ll also learn strategies for encouraging team collaboration.