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“BHMT is a Goldmine!”


A successful career doesn’t happen by accident; that’s why career development is so important. BHMT’s core mission is to provide career development support and life-long learning opportunities to eligible KP employees.


As a former BHMT-eligible employee, Joy Nails found that KP employees know more about BHMT career development and education programs than KP managers do. When she became a manager, she also became an advocate for BHMT and is insistent on sharing the information she receives with her colleagues.


What was important for me and my team was professional development. No one on my team right now is interested in going back to school, but they were interested in professionally developing themselves. — Joy Nails



BHMT offers training that is tailored to help your staff the achieve the career development goals and objectives you have established as a part of their professional growth plan. We have a team of specialists to support KP managers with actionable career development strategies to expand your team’s skills and build morale.


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