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Manage Your Team
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Does Your Team Have the Skills for the Future?


Encouraging your team to build their professional and personal development skills, benefits them and your organization. Learning the skills that matter to them increases their confidence and helps to prepare them face new challenges.


  • IT/Soft Skills
    If your employees want to hone their computer and/or interpersonal skills to further their career goals, they can take advantage of our IT/Soft Skills and prepare for all the online and academic opportunities available to them.
  • Critical Skills
    In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, it’s essential to be prepared for what’s ahead. Our Critical Skills Program involves identifying learning needs, filling in your employees’ skill gaps, and developing their ability to adapt and thrive as things continue to change.
  • Languages
    Communication is imperative, no matter what role you’re in. With our Language Programs, your employees can enhance their language skill sets, improve their listening comprehension, vocabulary, and speech to better serve KP members.
  • Course Packs
    Course Packs are easy-to-access online courses customized to help your employees expand their skill sets to maximize their effectivity. Self-paced course sets like the Emotional Intelligence and Time Management Course Packs, can be completed quickly, building your team’s knowledge base, and delivering results that can be put into practice right away.

Contact your Outreach Specialist to see how you can leverage these skills to make your department shine.