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The Path to a Degree


Although, the Individual Stipend Program is not always the answer, BHMT partner schools have a wide range of other no-cost options to choose from. Whether it’s a college prep, general education, and/or lab science course, your employees can take steps toward pursuing their academic and career development goals.


If you have staff who are interested in going back to school so they can get the prerequisites they need to prepare for a degree program, this should help you get the conversation started.

Many classes to choose from:


College Prep

Online courses that allow your team to gain the skills they need faster, as they build the confidence to take on more within their career.



General Education

Online courses that allow your staff to build the foundation they need for career growth within their role and to prepare them for success in their field of study.



Lab Sciences

Online courses that allow your employees to complete their science prerequisites as required by their chosen academic program, so they only take the classes they need.