Manage Your Team
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Lead High-Performing Teams


Enhance your leadership capabilities and learn how to develop successful professional development strategies that can take you and your department to the next level.


Check out 3 courses from KP Learn to explore how you can think strategically, improve customer experiences, and bring cross-functionality to your department.


Thinking Strategically as a Manager »

Duration — 28 Minutes

It’s important that all professionals in an organization learn how to think strategically to help them complete their management tasks. This course develops your capacity for thinking strategically and prepares you to deal with the complexities in-and-out of your organization.


Designing a Customer Service Strategy »

Duration — 28 Minutes

You can add value to a customer’s experience by creating and implementing strong, clearly defined client service standards. In this course, you’ll learn about techniques used to shape the direction of customer service in an organization, as well as how to develop and implement a strategy to achieve excellence.


Managing for Cross-functionality »

Duration — 22 Minutes

Cross-functional management involves managing in a way that bridges the functional silos that constrain your organization. This course can help you develop techniques to support a cross-functional strategy throughout your organization—and shows you how different types of knowledge management systems can play a role in implementing that strategy.


Questions? Connect with your Outreach Specialist to discuss ways you can incorporate more strategic professional development opportunities into your department.